Use Plants to Bring a Bedroom to Life

Use Plants to Bring a Bedroom to Life

Sometimes it's as simple as some daisies on the bedside table or tulips on the window ledge, but there's no question that plants can bring a degree of life to any room. The bedroom is a particular case because its often a place where you start and end your day. Keeping that in mind can help select plants that will inspire and delight. Check out a few approaches to enhancing your room with plant life.



One approach is crowding a number of plants of all sorts of shapes and sizes near a statement piece of furniture, such as this recliner. The variety of plants such cactus may take it a bit far. The large tree occupies a space in the room that balances the low bed. Plants always work well with dark woods and light walls. Opt for Whispering Blue sheets.



For a simpler look, try out a single statement plant that has a particular upward energy such as this frond. Paired with Bison sheets or Supima Color sheets, the powerful plant is brought out with the gold hardware and wood accents that range from dark to mid. 



Sometimes its as simple as getting two similarly-scaled plants and simply juxtaposing around the room. Be sure to balance the quadrants of the room, if you have a bedside table on one side, perhaps place the plant on the oppose. Leafy options look great with Almost Mauve and Nimbus Cloud on a warm wood frame.



Finally, for the modest look, a beautiful vase containing flowers or greens that match the character of the room is all it takes. This low maintenance option brings out the color of your bedding and adds just enough style to communicate an understated grace and appreciation for nature. Pair your sheets with the color of the vase or container. We'd recommend High Rise and Snow White to get the job done.