Urban Furnishings To Fit Your Beautiful Brown Bed

Urban Furnishings To Fit Your Beautiful Brown Bed

You've customized your bed with Bison brown from our Fall/Winter collection but now you're baffled by the furniture. To find the perfect pieces to add to your beautiful brown urban oasis, we've curated four key must-have items.


Brown Chair West Elm



Brown West Elm Chair

To keep the level of cozy up to 100 during the winter, this brown leather chair from West Elm makes a great addition. Playing nicely against the rich, chocolatey feel of Bison on the bed, the leather chair makes your urban bedroom feel a bit more grounded. The chair is traditional in style and shrinks the room, in a way that makes the space feel more personal.



Gold And White Wallpaper


Gold Wallpaper From CB2

A touch of sophistication is easy to achieve with Bison bedding by adding in gold wallpaper from CB2. This gold and white design adds texture, drawing the eye in that direction rather than focusing on the large lofty ceilings. It's a great way to make your bedroom more comfortable and a bit softer with all the hard lines that may exist do to the design of the space.



ABC Carpet & Home Lamp



ABC Carpet & Home Hanging Lamp

This lamp is the perfect way to soften the exposed beams and/or brick likely to be in your urban master bedroom. Use this as a way to create a fun way to highlight your gorgeous looking Bison bedding.



Antique Gustavian Chest



Antique Gustavian Chest 

A classic rustic look, this antique gustavian chest from ABC Carpet & Home is great to throw in your master room. It has character and a vintage look, making the dark brown bedding really standout.


So that it's, the perfect way to furnish your urban bedroom with Bison bedding. The colors here work great and the items noted are ideal for softening your room and make it feel more relaxed!