Treat Yourself This Spring With Whispering Blue

Treat Yourself This Spring With Whispering Blue

Although it feels like Winter will never end, Spring is coming. This means birds chirping outside your window, brighter days, the emergence of beautiful flowers and the appearance of pastels. One way to make sure you're ready, splurge on Whispering Blue bedding as seen on


Whispering Blue bedding is a shade that is quite perfect for Spring; it's calming, ever so sweet, provides a light touch of color, brightens up a space and so much more. 



Whispering Blue Sateen Sheets


Made from 100% Supima cotton, these sateen sheets are delicate to touch. So crisp and lovely, they have a relaxed, lived-in feel that makes staying in bed for only a few extra minutes (as opposed to another hour) impossible.


Awaken your bedroom and fall deep into the cheerful color that is Whispering Blue. Shop the look now or get a similar color for Valentine's Day from Tango!