Three Alternative Colors To White To Master That Bright Look

Three Alternative Colors To White To Master That Bright Look

If Pantone's color of the year for 2018 is any indication, bleached white is totally out. We need to embrace rich, vibrant hues in our bedroom to create a warming yet bright space. But for those of us who are afraid to go for the fabulous look of Ultra Violet as a duvet cover, what alternatives can we use to dip our toe in the water? We'll, we've curated our top three bedding colors to help you master your bedroom for 2018.



Almost Mauve Bedroom



Almost Mauve

A safe starter for those who are interested in purple or pink tones, Almost Mauve is a barely there soft lilac that closely resembles a creamy white. Not so stark and bleak as bleached white, this color offers a delicate pop of color. It looks great in any type of room, be it that of your teenager or your own master suite. To truly unleash your need for color in a way that opens up your bedroom, keep the walls a light shade and add in darker accent furniture. It will give you a chance to see how other colors can work in the space without overwhelming you.



Midcentury Modern Whispering Blue 


Whispering Blue

For those who love blue but don't think it works as bedding, guess again. Try Whispering Blue as your duvet cover and sheet set. It's a color that has a cool, refreshing tone with bits of gray that shine through. It looks perfect in a room that may be going for a midcentury modern look or a home with large glass windows. The light bounces off the blue in a playful way and allows you to incorporate white colors into the space without making it feel cold and uncomfortable.


 Snow White Bedroom



Snow White

Feeling a bit less adventurous? Go for Snow White. White is a color and it can look fabulous in a room as it's the ultimate neutral but try a Snow White duvet with Glacier Gray sheets for your custom color bedding. A gray is another fantastic neutral color but it has a bit of drama. The cool, almost blue tones in this gray work great against the gray hue in Snow White. A dynamic duo, these colors open up your bedroom and permits the use of fun textures for added personality. Try shaggy carpets, knitted throws and brass decor.



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