Thinking Spring with Bittersweet Colours

Thinking Spring with Bittersweet Colours

We asked fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu of Bittersweet Colours to share her Flaneur style and a bit about what inspires her.


What colors are top of mind for you right now?

I am always all about colors, but right now I have a favorite: Pink. All the shades of pink … blush, dusty pink, peach.



How do you describe your personal style? And how does that come across in your bedroom? 

Definitely classic and feminine with a penchant for colors, mix of prints and a blend of modern with vintage. All these characteristics can be seen in my home decor as well. I love getting souvenirs from my travels and I am always hunting antique shops and vintage stores for storytelling objects to decorate my house.



bittersweet colours x flaneur 2 

Veronica's bed styled with Flaneur bedding: the fitted sheet in Blushing Bride and the flat sheet in Evening Sand.



bittersweet colors, flaneur bedding, change the sheets, pink sheets



What inspired your bed/bedroom décor?

I am inspired by all things French, but I like to keep the decor minimalist and airy in order to have the room perfect for relaxation and comfort.



What are your sleep rituals?

Makeup free and cup of tea before bedtime.



What’s on your bedside table?

I actually don't have a bedside table, it is just the extended bed frame. It’s big enough to hold my water, phone, tissue and a couple of pacifiers for my baby boy.



We think of a Flaneur as a worldly bohemian who loves a lively exchange of ideas. Do you consider yourself a Flaneur?

I think each and every single one of us could admit to being a Flaneur for different reasons! You will find me constantly "mixing" new with old, different colors, different prints. I created my Flaneur set by mixing my favorite colors. I couldn't help myself and incorporated three colors in my set!



Veronica Popoiacu of bittersweet colours styling Flaneur bedding, blushing bride, evening sand, cottage. pink colors, spring



"Because I studied art in high school and college I always had the desire to express myself."

-- Veronica Popoiacu



All images styled and photographed by Veronica Popoiacu of Bittersweet Colours