These Color Experts Take Pink to the Next Level

These Color Experts Take Pink to the Next Level

Pink can evoke very different feelings for different people. It can occupy a mood or state or it can enter the territory of memories or dreams. It can balance between the real and fantasy, bringing a degree of sensitive, gentle delight to a room. Here we offer three fresh perspectives on pink, from the deeply feminine to the subtle, with a touch of color.


We featured the brilliant Ashley Woodson Bailey in this post, but we still believe her application of pink is graceful and attractive. Her wallpapers are often photographs of flowers, so this extension of her style feels appropriate. Approach Impatient Pink with a degree of playfulness or seriousness. Against white or charcoal walls, Impatient Pink stands firm as a saturated and provocative color, determined in its emotion. Pairing well with blue, red, beiges, and gold or chrome hardware, Impatient Pink will inspire joyful moments as much as it will inspire inquisitive minds.


Lily Levy’s soothing and relaxing use of Chateau Rose Pink will tempt even the most uninitiated color-lover. Pastel enough to not draw too much attention, but occupied enough to invite a second look, this pink serves as a suitable entry point to further color inspirations. It pairs nicely with grays and even the occasional botanical green. 


Opt for this pink if you have Chinoiserie or Hollywood Regency interiors. Regal wooden headboards, Chippendale motif, chrome, copper or wood accents all work nicely here.

Ann Sage’s use of Almost Mauve is absolutely delicious, occupying that rare territory of breathiness and essence of a color. This is for the stylish resident who seeks minimalism and hints: an air kiss of color rather than a smothering. Almost Mauve leaves you with a peck on the cheek as you lay down. In homes where minimalism is queen, Almost Mauve will be acquainted nicely. Herringbone, blond woods and charcoals all play nicely with Almost Mauve. Even yellows and tans go well, even rustic elements work!