The Timeless Tradition Of New England

The Timeless Tradition Of New England

How does waking up to the fresh aroma of maple syrup and feeling the cool autumn breeze on a Saturday morning sound? Well, no need to open a window. You can achieve this sensation by laying in a bold and colorful bed with yellow, orange and red tones. 


Autumn Leaves


New England is the ultimate destination that screams American tradition. Warm welcoming colors, crisp air and memories of frolicking through fields in search of fresh fruit paint the perfect picture of a quaint area.


Apples in Fall

Fall Clothing

Moody Sofa


Known for it’s rustic tones such as golden yellows, burnt oranges, burgundy and more, it’s no surprise why we chose this destination as a source of inspiration for our Fall/Winter 2017 collection.


Fall Pumpkins

The colors tell a story of cozy autumn evenings drinking cider around a fire or picturesque hikes through nature. Admiring the color and the beauty of fall foliage, this palette enables any flâneur to enrich their bedroom with bold yet comforting colors. View the collection to see what vibrant colors will liven up your bed. For expanded options, create your own autumn look with our custom color service.

Fun Tip: For an unforgettable trip, head to Acadia National Park to experience the magic of fall. Kayak across the harbor taking in loons, ducks, osprey and other bits of wildlife.


Golden Yellow

Gold Rush





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