The Best Blues for a Bohemian Bedroom

The Best Blues for a Bohemian Bedroom


From the sparse, relaxed elegance of Fellini’s interiors to the carefree cool of America in the ‘60s, you can effectively tap into the bohemian style by incorporating hues of blue into your interior design. Ladies and gentlemen, remember that a bohemian room requires a very particular mind- one sensitive to detail and embracing of potentially foreign ideals. That said, you don’t have to resort to the clutter-filled arrangements or beaded-curtains. These tropes of bohemian design require important, personal modification to feel authentic. For a simpler approach, turn to Flaneur to infuse a degree of avant-garde to your interior with these colors.

The Best Blues for a Bohemian Bedroom:


Suitably airy and designed to impress with its lived-in feel, Whispering Blue is a great solution for those looking to open your bedroom to light and spacious-feeling spaces. Whispering blue bedding allows for the mind to col as you settle into your bohemian bedroom for a sweet sleep. Pair with twinkling fairy lights to add a magical glow.

Whispering Blue Sheets by Flaneur

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Bright and bold- and inspired by a Strauss waltz, don’t think Blue Danube can’t be parlayed into a more relaxed story. Indeed, consider mixing Blue Danube with charcoal, chrome, and dark woods for a sophisticated approach to bohemian style. Added bonus: paint on a chalkboard to bring in even more personalization and improvisation of your space. It can change every day!

Blue Danube sheets by Flaneur

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Monaco Blue is a Flaneur favorite because of its delightful flexibility. Bold enough to catch the eye but subtle enough to be regarded as tasteful in almost every circumstance, Monaco blue works with most wall colors and serves as a great “statement” element in creating an environment that feels cohesive and cool. Mix in some color and found objects to add even more boho flavor. 

Monaco Blue sheets by Flaneur

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