The Beautiful Fortune: Explore Chinoiserie

The Beautiful Fortune: Explore Chinoiserie

Chinoiserie is comes from French chinoiserie, from chinois, "Chinese", which is a style of is the European interpretation and imitation of Chinese and East Asian artistic traditions. We can appreciate Chinoiserie as a respectful borrowing of style that can incorporate softly detailed elements in your home! The use of chinoiserie in the bedroom can be a thrilling and seductive adventure. Check out some examples of Chinoiserie in the context of these stylish rooms. 

Designer Miles Redd (who we spoke to not long ago) uses chinoiserie to great effect, adding height and scale to his dramatic spaces. Here, the design is used on the upholstery and the walls, to inform a style of tame adventure. 

Here is another striking room by Miles Redd, incorporating subtle chinoiserie wall styling with animal print. The result is a brilliant and contained design where the dark colors rise to the light colors above. Good chinoiserie will follow suit- dark colors at the bottom, lighter, sparer colors toward the top. Never hang or paint Chinoiserie upside down, this will add too much weight to a room at the top, burying your occupants. 

Here is a room with Chinoiserie furniture (which would partially influence Chippendale design). Notice the walls feature a heavy motif. 

Here is Chinoiserie walls with Flaneur's own Robin's Egg Blue sheeting. Here, the bedding plays an important role of foil to the gorgeous and detailed chinoiserie. Let your bedding play an important role in your own interiors, and adventure into the delightful world of Chinoiserie!

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