Sophisticated In Red, A Brief History

Sophisticated In Red, A Brief History

Curling up under a high risk red duvet on a cold holiday morning sounds divine doesn't it? The sun peaking through your window, bouncing bright beams off the vibrant hues of your sheets can feel electric and comforting. But how did your bedding become such a bright shade of red? What is the origin of red?


Red Room


Red was one of the first colors used in prehistoric art, made from ochre - a natural clay earth pigment. Used by Egyptians, Mayans and Romans as a color for ceremonies or to celebrate victories, the color later began to take on other meanings of health, nobility and wealth.


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As a dye, the red coloring first made an appearance in the 17th century. Pulling the vibrant shade from a bug found in a Mexican cactus, the color was expensive but provided a living for the travelers who could produce such a magnificent shade. Through the years, the process for getting this color dye has changed but the demand is still the same - people want to feel bold and noble with red.


Red Painting Vincent Van Gogh


Louis XV Arm Chair


Red Painting Vincent Van Gogh


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Today, red is still a popular color that can signify many things: passion, danger, strength, holiday cheer and more. It is so versatile yet so distinctive for an individual. Interior designer Miles Redd, often gravitates toward this color for his home designs to create a unique and expressive atmosphere. Found in the color palette of Granada from our Fall Winter 2017 collection or in destinations like India, Peru and more, it deserves to be imbued into your sheets! Mornings or evenings in a lavish red bed during the holidays can't get any better.


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