Pattern Magic: Get the Looks Inspired by Ashley Woodson Bailey

Pattern Magic: Get the Looks Inspired by Ashley Woodson Bailey


Flower-power-pattern phenom Ashley Woodson Bailey got her start in the early forms of flower photography, shooting delicate and intimate portraits of blooms. Experiencing a life-changing automobile accident, Bailey transitioned into the territory of fabrics, wallpapers, and more, transforming her life and intensifying her work into large scale, deeply personalized arrangements, known as "forever flowers". 




Now, nearly five years later, Bailey's designs are finding themselves in celebrity homes and private residences alike in all of their floral delight. A forager at heart, Bailey's approach is one of chance, happening upon and experiencing the moment, personifying the essence of what being a Flaneur means. Take a look at the bedding of Ashley Woodson Bailey and see our pairings of Woodson-designed wallpapers with Flaneur bedding! 



Ashley Woodson Bailey's bedroom with Toasted Almond and Impatient Pink Bedding by Flaneur. 




We love the lightness and bohemian ease of Woodson's bedroom, featuring Flaneur bedding. Toasted Almond plays tastefully with Impatient Pink's punctual and bubble-gum approach. Don't be fooled, with a work by Woodson Bailey hanging above the bed, the Impatient Pink works hard to bring the work of art to life. A throw blanket in tan and orange merge Impatient Pink and Evening Sand into a mildly Oriental ordeal. 


Ashley Woodson Bailey is a hard worker, obsessed with beauty and grace of the "greatest creature", the flower. Sophisticated studio space keeps Bailey's atmosphere extremely hands-on and organic. Her wallpaper process is simple, starting with shooting stems- sometimes over 200 photos for one stem, and colliding them and collaging them in a manner that is visually rewarding and suitably engaging.


See her process:


Via One Kings Lane


The stems of Woodson Bailey are often raw and natural, soon she begins assembling them into expressive and colorful bouquets to shoot and explore. Sometimes the flowers are dead, offering pastel hues that inspire dreams and mysticism- but not dipping into the territory of failure. It's a beautiful alchemy. 



Via One Kings Lane


After taking the time to organize and style her flowers, she begins taking some informal shots to get her in the mood to shoot and find the angles and surprises the flowers may have lurking around the corner. 


via One Kings Lane

Soon the photos will be digitally altered and patterned into wallpapers, fabrics and more, demonstrating Ashley Woodson Bailey's extraordinary control of scale and a deft ability to see the bigger picture.


Now, explore some of Ashley Woodson Bailey's stunning wallpapers as they pair with Flaneur bedding!