Miles Redd on Embracing Red Bedrooms

Miles Redd on Embracing Red Bedrooms

We are consistently in awe of interior designer Miles Redd's glamorous and colorful rooms and were thrilled to catch up with this AD100 designer recently to chat color, bedroom surprises and how to use red. Here is what he had to say. This is the first half in a series of two.



What colors are top of mind for you right now?

I will always be a blue man group. There really is no blue shade that does not fascinate, but lately I am loving it mixed with violet. Butter-lettuce green is another favorite, and I love it mixed with feather grey. Color and its limitless possibilities are an endlessly satisfying past time.



You’re known for your bold use of color, what are your rules of thumb for making ambitious color combinations work?

Trust your gut. If you can see it, it never feels bold or daring, but necessary.



We love to see your fearless use of red. In honor of Valentine’s Day, can you share some tips for designing a red room?

Red is like lipstick, a dab here and there can do a lot. It is a clarifying color and most colors recede or intensify in its presence. I am always drawn to it because it brightens a room, be it a flower, or a chair seat, a pillow, or the walls.



What’s the most surprising thing you’ve incorporated into a bedroom décor that tied the room together?

I recently did a bedroom covered in scarlet silk-velvet and filled with blue-and-white porcelain sitting on box brackets. Those brackets took things to another level.



What are four things essential for a restful and gorgeous bedroom?

Good Sheets! a firm mattress, and I like wall-to-wall carpet, and blackout curtains for a hushed sense of calm.



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