Top Interior Designer, Miles Redd with Flaneur bedding

Q&A with Miles Redd on Bedroom Colors

Flaneur is a brand that offers limitless fresh color options for bedding and bedroom decor. Let's hear how one of the top minds in the interior design world would talk about the bedroom colors. This is the second part of our interview with Miles Redd. 



What’s your favorite color combination to use in a bedroom?


Pale blue and silver. I like bedrooms to be cool and airy, but I like living rooms to be rich and glittering. That said, it is really fun to do rich and glittering bedrooms, and they can be knock-outs when the architecture or place calls for it.



Miles Redd interview with Flaneur, talking about colors and bedroom 

Miles Redd's bedroom. photo credit: Paul Costello.



Are there any colors you’d stay away from in the bedroom and why?


Not really, all colors can be flattering and chic, if handled correctly.



What inspired your own bedroom décor?


My glass bathroom was the inspiration for the palette (Pale blue and silver with touches of coral), but the mood is inspired by Hollywood’s interpretation of New York in the 1930’s.



miles redd's bedroom, interview with Flaneur bedding, colors and bedroom 

Miles Redd's bedroom. photo credit: Paul Costello.



What’s on your bedside table?


Lamp, stack of books, carafe of water and glass, clock and a few silver objects.



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Hero Image: Miles Redd's portrait on House Beautiful, photo credit Peter Murdock.