Meet Rising Design Star Ashley Darryl

Texas native Ashley Darryl has been making a name for herself in the New York interior design scene. Since starting her own firm in 2014, she's been featured in publications like Architectural Digest, Vogue, and House Beautiful and has clients up and down the east coast from The Hamptons all the way down to her home state. But Ashley's love affair with interiors began long before she began her own firm, or even before her first job with Jeff Lincoln Interiors: Her mother is also an interior designer and took Ashley along to hunt for special finds in flea markets and antique stores. The thrill of the hunt continues to inspire Ashley today as she creates eclectic spaces that expertly blend color and texture. We sat down with Ashley to learn more about her personal style.

Dining room by Ashley Darryl. 
Flaneur: Describe your design aesthetic.
Ashley: My design aesthetic is a clean modern feel with traditional classic elements.
Flaneur: What colors do you enjoy working with most? Why?
Ashley: I love blue as it feels like a neutral to me. I mostly work in neutral palettes of whites, copper, grey, brown, black. And integrate touches of colors such as mint, lavender, red and yellow.
Flaneur: What makes you a flâneur? 
Ashley: I'm an only child, so I'm naturally inquisitive and curious about other places.

Bedroom by Ashley Darryl. 
Flaneur: What inspired your bed/bedroom décor? What’s your favorite color combination(s) to use in the bedroom?
Ashley: For my bedroom, I like a calming serene color palette. These colors consist of tan, ivory, grey, slate blue with touches of black and navy and other colors on book jackets stacked on my dresser.
Flaneur: What’s your process for choosing the right color for your clients?
Ashley: I ask my clients what colors they like when we first begin. I try and work those colors into their spaces so that they flow from room to room.

Living room by Ashley Darryl. 
Flaneur: What is your favorite wine to drink in bed? Why?
Ashley: I don't drink wine in bed but if I did it would be Cabernet because it feels warm and puts me to sleep!
Flaneur: You’re left on a deserted island. You have everything you need to build yourself a new home. What will the style be and what colors embody that style?
Ashley: I would decorate my home in the colors of my surroundings. A lot of greens, blues, and neutrals. I would want to bring in a lot of natural elements on the walls, such as grasscloths and onto the furniture such as bamboo.
We'll be back with an in-depth look at the Flaneur custom colors chosen by Ashley for her own bedroom. While you wait, check out the Matisse collection to find the shade of blue that works for you.