Lively Earth Tones in Marrakech

Marrakech springs to life with it's beautiful colors perfect for bedding, so we're kicking off our deep dive into the collection with this magical city.

An embodiment of earth tones mixed with natural brightness, it's no wonder why we choose this palette to warm up the bedroom. 



Marrakech is a major economic center home to palaces, mosques and gardens. This densely packed medina is an oasis of beautiful colors that both dazzle and enchant you.  


Most flâneurs find Marrakech a feast for the senses: smells, sounds, taste and sight! Take in the opulent bounty of intricately painted ceilings and unhinge your inhibitions to embrace the browns and almond colors around you. Nothing is dull in Marrakech, so we encourage you to bring home the decadence of the city. Take a look at our color selection for Marrakech and shop now for luxury bedding that speaks to you! For even more options, create a custom color with us.





Flâneur Fun Tip: Stay at the La Villa Des Orangers where calming corridors provide a much needed contrast to the action of the souks. Mesmerising views and beautiful hues await!

BisonSudan BrownToastMuted ClayToasted Almond



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