Keeping It Bright And Airy For A Dark Winter

Keeping It Bright And Airy For A Dark Winter

Icy temperatures and grey skies, keep us tucked safely away in the comfort our homes, or rather beds. As we spend so much time in the bedroom during these Winter months, we've pulled together some useful tips for keeping the space light, airy and bright with custom color bedding.


Camilla Pavone of Effortless Style


Get Adventurous. When it comes to design in the Winter months, people often take cues from the weather. Bedrooms tend to match the mood of the dark and drab look outside. Interior designer Camilla Pavone says be daring with color. She encourages others to take chances and to experiment as anything goes. Mixing colors like yellow and lilac or blue, green and orange, she has been able to transform her space into a cheery room. Take her cue and mix it up with your bed linen.


Camilla Pavone of Effortless Style


Coco Lapine Design Blog


Add Contrast. The bedding in your room does not need to be monochromatic. It's important to use accessories such as bed linen, lamps, rugs and furniture to play off one another. A room can appear to increase in size and light with the right combination of colors. Try Tanger Turquoise and Crystal Rose from our Fall/Winter collection.


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Neelam Gurum 

Assess Your Lighting. Do your windows let in a lot of light or just a little? Finding the right color bedding that works with your light rather than against it is important.


Green Bedroom


Any Color Can Be Bright. Don't write off colors like Green or Brown. Colors have nuance. There can be more than one hue or tone to one particular color. A color like Bison may be too dark if your room doesn't have much light or if the wall decor is already dark. Try an alternate brown that reflects light rather than absorbs like a Sudan Brown.


Select the right color palette that fits your needs but remember to think bright. A dark cold Winter in bed is made so much better with elegant sheets rich in color and quality!


Impatient Pink

Shrinking Violet

Crystal Rose

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