Introducing Flâneur

Introducing Flâneur


Fall/Winter 2017 has arrived with decadent colors and rich hues, transporting you to destinations such as Marrakech, Sardinia, Granada and more through bedding.


credit @sara88giga


As flaneurs, we created this collection to celebrate the idea of voyage and allow our community to create beautiful memories through endless color. Flaneurs are passionate travelers and observers, immersing him/herself in the diversities of cultures and societies, always seeking new and meaningful experiences. With our NEW collection and custom color service, relive your favorite travel moments with reckless abandon and saturate your homes (and bedrooms) with color from your favorite destinations.


Exploring diversity, culture and adventure, our Fall/Winter collection offers wildly expressive yet sophisticated looks for the bedroom. Lounge in moody tones from Bavaria, be bold with striking palettes from Granada or get cozy in fall foliage inspired colors from New England. Evoke memories of destinations past with golden yellows, burgundy and more!





Colors inspired by Granada


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Colors inspired by Marrakech


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Colors inspired by Sardinia


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New England




Colors inspired by New England

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Colors inspired by Bavaria


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Fall/Winter 2017 is bringing the adventure home, so express your true self through color. Shop the looks now and order a custom color set that embodies your latest trip!  


And stay tuned, we’ll have more blogs this week diving into the locations and inspirations behind each destination in the collection. #changethesheets