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Thinking Spring with Sarah Sherman Samuel

We partnered with California designer/blogger Sarah Sherman Samuel to see how she’d #changethesheets. Sarah’s modern monochromatic green look is as fresh as the spring hue itself. Here’s what Sarah had to say about her master bedroom inspirations.
What colors are top of mind for you right now?
Green has always been at the top of my mind, it’s been a long-time favorite and it also pairs well with blush, another one at the top of my list.
What are your sleep rituals?
I take a warm shower before bed each night, do a little reading and then it’s earplugs, noise machine + eye mask then zzz.



sarah sherman samuel green spring bedroom with flaneur bedding changethesheets 


What’s on your bedside table?
A couple vases and whatever book I’m currently reading. A Liane Moriarty novel is one of the usuals.
What inspired your own bed/bedroom décor?
I wanted to keep my bedroom fairly minimal and serene but always try and create spaces with a something a little unexpected. Having the bedding matched the headboard gives it that paired down monochromatic quality while still making it fresh and modern. I made the wall hanging with the same idea in mind, allowing the different textures to stand out while the color is all the same.


We think of a Flaneur as a worldly bohemian who loves to wander in search of culture and inspiration. Do you consider yourself a Flaneur? If so, what’s your favorite place to wander?
Yes, I love that... 100%. My favorite place to wonder is someplace I haven’t been before.
Stylist sarah sherman samuel with Flaneur bedding

Sarah's bedroom styled with Flaneur bedding in Myrtle.  


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All photos credit to Sarah Sherman Samuel.