Ideal Bedding Colors For Your Waterfront Home

Ideal Bedding Colors For Your Waterfront Home

A bedroom overlooking the ocean has incredible natural light. It soothes the space and highlights your decor, especially the bedding. Feeling stunning yet carefree in your beachfront home, it's important to maintain this vibe by selecting the right color bed linen.


Nautical Home Decor Blue


A color too moody, will distract and a color too light will erase all of the style. To keep your space feeling lively and avoiding the washed out look, take a look at these curated colors guaranteed to make your bedroom a place of peace and joy.


Robin's Egg Blue Entertaining Room


If you're living by the beach, it's likely that your home may have an all white interior. To add a bit of zest to all white bedroom, we recommend Robin's Egg. Known for being a bright and bold statement color, it also has a very classic vibe. Cool, tranquil and sophisticated, this color works well with many fun pastels and brights including coral, yellow, soft pinks and greens. Keep it masculine with a Robin's Egg duvet and Snow White bedding or make it touch more flirty with pops of coral. 


Rose Quartz


Another fabulous colors for your waterfront home is Crystal Rose. It's likely your view will include reflections of cliffs and gorgeous rocks in the water outside your window. Bouncing charming pink bursts of light into your space, play up the shade with a Crystal Rose duvet or sheet set. A delicate color, it looks great against dark wood headboard or against calming gray tones. Add decor with gold or copper trims for an elevated look.


 Snow White Bedding


Snow White is a great color for your duvet or bed sheets if you want to experiment with color on the walls. If you're opting to paint the room of your bedroom a vibrant yellow or chic lime, then Snow White is a great color for your bedding. It adds a stabilizing element to the room and still gives you space to add in another fun color to keep the bright, airy and tropical feel of the room. Try Koi or Biscay Green.


Red Dresser


Looking to add a darker look to your bedroom but still have a light feel? High Risk Red is a lovely color to use for bedding and for accent pieces in the space. It's a passionate color that works well against dark walls, leather chairs or dark wood vanities. Reflecting light rather than absorbing it, it offers a nice balance. Try a bit of color and mix it with a shade like Gargoyle


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