How To Make Color Neutral

How To Make Color Neutral

A bedroom is a refuge. In a space meant to be calm, it makes sense why so many have accepted "hotel white" as the standard. At Flaneur, we see things differently. Color has the potential to be loud and vibrant, but it can also anchor a space and set a calming tone. 



When we worked with Sophie Donelson, Editor in Chief of House Beautiful, she chose a stunning color combination of colors that add light to the space while creating a feeling of warmth and comfort. And with three colors no less! 



Star designer Sasha Bikoff took a more monochromatic approach. Choosing a bright--but not overpowering--pink, Sasha's bedroom is unabashedly feminine. Yet it also displays a quiet restraint that allows it to remain a respite. 



Meanwhile, Estee Stanley decided on a compromise. Without forgoing a traditional white, she opted to pair that with a crisp green that adds a pop of color to an otherwise greyscale space. 


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