How To Add Personality Using White Bedding

How To Add Personality Using White Bedding

White bedding is seen as the standard hotel look. Fresh, neutral and always elegant, white sheets always look picture perfect yet there's something cold about it. How can you use white bedding to keep a clean look but also inject personality? Read our tips below!


Bright Bedroom Curtains


Bedroom Curtains

An easy way to make your Snow White bedding stand out in your master bedroom is to change the curtains. It sounds simple but when your bed is up against a wall with a lot of windows (think beachfront property), a great way to play of the subtle gray tones in your Snow White duvet is with a color that evokes cheer. Try going for a teal or orange color - it's guaranteed to give off a cozy and creative feel. 


Gray Bedroom Walls


Paint The Walls

Use the fact that your neutral bedding gives you a blank canvas everywhere else in the room to express yourself. Just because you like clean lines and muted tones doesn't mean you exclude color. Go for something soft like a gray or even try a toasted almond brown color on the walls. It's add depth and lets your Snow White bedding sparkle.


Bedroom Pillows


Accent Pillows

Let your love of greenery or the color blue shine front and center with colorful pillows. It's fine if you want your bedding to look white and pristine but you can still keep that same vibe with an added bump of energy by customizing the look of your pillows!


 Bedroom Wall Art


Bedroom Artwork

Take your love of Matisse or Picasso and add it to the bedroom. When everything else in the room is quite stark, neutral in Snow White, try adding in artwork over the bed that speaks to the colorful side of you. It looks great and provides instant inspiration for other ways to add in interesting, colorful decor to your master suite.


Colorful Neutral Bed Sheets


Change The Sheets

An obvious yet classic solution, change the sheets. Go for a Snow White duvet with Toast sheets. A white duvet will give the appearance of a classic hotel look but the sheets beneath the duvet is where your personality can shine through. Mix it up with a traditional color or take a step outside your comfort zone with something fun like Golden Rod.


What colors do you want to pair with your Snow White bedding? Let us know in the comments and shop our fabulous Fall/Winter collection now.