How Mississippi Mermaid (1969) Inspired Our Tango Pillowcases

Tango: Among the most involved of the lovers, those who embody Tango know that love is a game that is as much played in the head as it is in body in equal. With punchy Grenadine and cool Vista Blue as our star colors, our star lovers are a rarefied sort: Catherine Deneuve and Jean-Paul Belmondo play the long game in Mississippi Mermaid (1969), in which Julie surprises her courting partner in more ways than one- taking his heart… but then his money. She runs away, but the power of love- or a strategic move on their respective parts- keep them together. Those who Tango do indeed know their moves, and love every minute of the dance. Shop Tango ➞

In a scene that appears to be lunch like a chess game, Deneuve knows her moves well. Opposite of her, a confused man. The beauty of satisfaction! In the film, Deneuve leaves the man after taking advantage of him... but not before spending some time together.

Ah but, here it is. The grand return. Julie does rob her counterpart, but cannot resist him in the end. The question remains: was it part of a long game? We are struck by the gallantry on parts of both parties- and the dynamism of the relationship: two contrasting personalities, both driven by love.