How Rear Window (1954) Inspired Our Soulmate Pillowcases

Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window (1954) is a testament to class and supporting each other in relationships, even in the most unusual circumstances. If you haven't seen this classic film, Grace Kelly is opposite James Stewart, who is stuck in a wheelchair in his apartment with a view of the courtyard of his building. The events that transpire there capture of spirit of Kelly's character, too, and together they work to solve a murder. Shop Soulmate →

Finding someone who enjoys even your most unusual interests can be difficult- you don't want to be seen as strange or unusual. Kelly embraces Stewart's character. Together they nearly obsess over the situation, and each other.

Temporarily having a stressful moment, it is clear Kelly's character truly love Stewart's and they come back together in the end, finishing each other's sentences and embracing their individual spirits as one. There's no point in this story that isn't filled with trust and positive energy. 

Our Soulmate pillowcase set reflects this special, nearly telepathic love. The gentle hues are charged with caring, intellectual energy that you'll come to appreciate, just as you appreciate your soulmate.