How Claire's Knee (1970) Inspired Our Mon Petit Chou Pillowcases

How Claire's Knee (1970) Inspired Our Mon Petit Chou Pillowcases


PillowTalk is an on-going celebration of personalities, created in the spirit of Valentine's Day, 14 Feb. We've curated five sets of pillowcases inspired by five different personality types. The pillowcase sets are available for a limited time.

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For Mon Petit Chou, we turn to a film couple: Claire and Jerome of Claire's Knee (1970).

We’ll kick this one off with a little quote from it’s director, Eric Rohmer: “‘The presence of the lake and the mountains is stronger in color than in black and white. It is a film I couldn't imagine in black and white. The color green seems to me essential in that film...This film would have no value to me in black and white.’” If that isn’t the most Flaneur of sentences… and the couple makes it happen, too!

Indeed, Le genou de Claire or Claire’s Knee is a brilliantly colored and sociable film- in which physicality is of utmost importance. The charming Jerome and dramatic Claire make for a wonderful tale of love, unconditionally. Jerome will do anything for Claire, even being their for her in the less satisfying moments. The spirit of their exchange manifested beautifully with our colors, Cottage, and Shrinking Violet, for an indulgent and innocent sweetness.

This romance is familiar to those who enjoy the personality of their partner and will do anything for them- how can I best please? It’s a rare attentiveness that we all sometimes fantasize about: to be idolized in a rare way. We want to communicate that sweetness with our Mon Petit Chou collection, two colors that feel powerful and admirable: not in the interest of ‘out-doing’ each other, but loving unconditionally, and being almost stubborn in that love.