Get in Bed with a Great Love

Get in Bed with a Great Love

Bedding Inspired by Great Love Stories


With Valentine’s Day on the horizon we looked to some of the great love stories of literature to inspire romantic bedding choices - and reading – for your love, or yourself. And we’ll throw in free two-day delivery on all orders with code #BEDDINGROMANCE.


1. The Steady Running of the Hour



This epic story of star-crossed lovers travels to some of the world’s most romantic places: Paris, London, Berlin, a Swedish island, even Mount Everest to piece together their story by a young man who stands to inherit their fortune.





2. The Crane Wife




This beautiful retelling of a Japanese folktale involves a wounded crane and mysterious woman with whom he falls in love and makes artworks with. It’s a story of both the mundane and magical.





3. Anna Karenina



Leo Tolstoy’s intricate story of doomed love is one of literature’s greatest stories. In addition to the drama surrounding Anna’s fate, it explores deep questions of how to live a fulfilled life, which make it eternally relevant.







4. The Remains of the Day




This dazzling novel is a sad and humorous love story, a meditation on the condition of modern man, and an elegy for England at a time of acute change.





5. Love in the Time of Cholera    





How long could you wait for love? That’s the question at the center of this beautifully written tale that will transport you to another time and place.



What’s your favorite love story? Let us know with #BeddingRomance.