"A Brand for Flaneur, by Flaneur."

"A Brand for Flaneur, by Flaneur."

An in-depth interview with our co-founders has been published as "Flaneur's High-Tech, Custom Color Bedding Enables Personal Style" on Forbes. Let's take a scoop of this exciting story about the birth and growth of Flaneur.   




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How does it work and why should the professional woman invest in Flaneur bedding?

Flaneur: We’d like to share a couple of facts.


Fact: Our tagline is "Change the sheets" because we believe the bedding industry needs some changes and we like changes that influence positive innovations.


Fact: Flaneur is a completely traceable and sophisticated supply chain. DNA testing is the essential first step in the creation process.


Fact: Our custom color, dyed-to-order service can be entirely completed online. The majority of Flaneur customers find their bedding colors through the Flaneur Color Houses, curated color assortments inspired by flaneurs throughout time. We introduce new colors often.


Fact: Flaneur offers a Trade Program for all interested interior designers or devoted customers savvy in design language.


Fact: Unlike most custom-order opportunities out there (we’re not naming names), Flaneur is 100% invested in the customization service, which means we pass all the benefits to the customer: absolutely no minimum quantity or value and you never have to pay any surcharge. We guarantee happiness with every order we deliver.


Fact: Whether you come to Flaneur with extensive color theory knowledge or you know you like the color green to bring out your eyes, choose to be as involved or removed from the custom color journey process as you like. At request, Flaneur will ship customer a chosen color to approve before dyeing the bedding.


Fact: Flaneur’s website is currently in beta. We are actively testing out design solutions to keep improving the Color Journey experience and welcome customer feedback.


Fact: Seventy-percent of Flaneur’s customer base is professional women. This is a well-read and well-traveled bunch, if we don’t mind saying so!


Because the cofounders are professional women as well, the brand is built with our spirits in mind. This is a brand for flaneur, by flaneur.



forbes interview with Flaneur bedding, change the sheets, estee stanley lookbook



What is fabric DNA testing and why is it important Flaneur offers a traceable supply chain? 

Flaneur: Let’s start from the beginning to answer this question. The cotton industry holds no standards or regulations about the advertising of Egyptian cotton. False marketing claims by bedding brands have made news headlines for it. Many brands, new start-up brands and established labels, use Egyptian cotton, which covers a wide range of qualities of cotton.


Research shows buyer confusion when it comes to bedding options out there! DNA testing of cotton is the only way to safely and confidently test the make-up of cotton. Flaneur is the only bedding brand, as far as we can tell, that conducts this testing. DNA testing of cotton is a new technology. Because of that, it is expensive, time intensive and few institutions provide the service. Flaneur do think it should be mandatory for all brands that use cotton - and most crucially for brands that charge a premium on their cotton product!


Flaneur is the only bedding brand that conducts DNA testing of every batch of its Supima® cotton. Further, Flaneur will reject any batch of cotton that contains traces of inferior cotton. Supima® cotton has become the contemporary alternative with integrity to the confusing claims about Egyptian cotton.


Every decision we made in the supply chain - from the Swiss-made zippers to the garment dyeing process - contributes to a lifespan that lasts decades without pilling or fabric breakdown, instead of a few washes. It won't shrink, pill or become stiff after a few washes. In this way, Flaneur rejects fast fashion trends that produce low quality to feed a discount hunger.


We are challenging the traditional notion that luxury items are made in one location in today’s world. The product we want to bring to people's bedrooms is a collaboration of the top-notch craftsmen around the world. We personally source every component that will be needed to make a sheet and talk to the engineers and craftsmen behind each component, from the 100% biodegradable sewing thread made in a town in Germany to the six tailors whose family business started in 1910 near Shanghai. We go the end of the world to find the best solution in every manufacture step, instead of going to one mill and assume everything is already optimized. Since we have a thorough understanding of the supply chain, Flaneur guarantees all techniques and materials are employed to contribute to the customization service.



forbes interview with flaneur bedding, change the sheets, estee stanley lookbook




Please read the original article by Kristina Moore. An interesting portrait of our founders and the brand, if you're interested, is also available here