Flaneur Announces New Named Color: Nature's Spark

Flaneur Announces New Named Color: Nature's Spark


Nature’s Spark, with hints of sage, fern, mint and olive is the the impeccably curated mixture of the hottest colors of the year. It sets the perfect tone for mothers young and old to rest, relax, and recharge this Mother’s Day. 



Emotive and engaging, Nature's Spark pulls in moments of mint which will make it pair wonderfully with exciting colors like High Risk Red for a dynamic bold mix. Alternatively, for a truly serene environment, consider the soothing character of a color like Toasted Almond to evoke moments of bliss and airy wellness. 


Nature's Spark has a charm that tends towards grace and sophistication. If your home features white walls, lacquered detailing, carpet or light woods, consider Nature's Spark the ultimate bedroom companion.




Traditional home that feature gingham or wainscoting will find Nature's Spark to fit effortlessly into such an environment.


The Modern home can also accept Nature's Spark, especially if the color scheme tends toward whites, taupes, bones, vanillas. Even gray or black can empower Nature's Spark. Nature's Spark hardware companions include brushed nickel, chrome, and brass.