EXCLUSIVE: Sasha Bikoff Speaks About Bringing Back Classic Glamor

EXCLUSIVE: Sasha Bikoff Speaks About Bringing Back Classic Glamor

Story by Karen Gillo. Images by Brittany Ambridge.


A decorated interior designer, Sasha Bikoff has built a name for herself as a rising designer in New York with her own interior design firm, Sasha Bikoff New York. She has been working with an impressive roster of clients from residential projects in New York and the Hamptons, designing restaurants and fabric and furniture collaborations. Bikoff’s style is influenced by her hometown, New York, and experiences traveling abroad. Inspired through history, Sasha is embracing maximalism and vibrant use of color. Her staircase in the 46th Annual Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club Decorator Show House is a perfect example of her color aesthetic. In love with all things Pink, she has been able to master this flirtatious and feminine color in ways that most have yet to realize. We sat down with the young design guru to talk Flaneur bedding, Paris, and the color pink!



2018 Kips Bay Showhouse in NYC by Sasha Bikoff


Flaneur: We know you love all things French. How does that play a factor in your design aesthetic?


Sasha: I grew up going to Paris and when I was 6 years old walking down boulevard St Germaine, I remember telling my dad I was going to live there one day. Fast forward to the future, I moved to Paris my junior year of college! I think that no one does it better than the French. The way they're so eclectic, mixing different styles and eras - it's extraordinarily unique. They mix fashion, art, design and architecture into one genre where you can see the connections and inspirations; it's a very special idea.


Living Room at The Dakota, Courtesy of Sasha Bikoff Interior Design


I am very much connected to the 18th century French Rococo period and the style of Maria Antoinette as it exudes the utmost amount of luxury, femininity and craftsmanship. 


Flaneur: Pink is a staple in your life. What do you love about that color? What emotions does it stir?


Sasha: I always loved pink tones and find it to be a sexy color. It's feminine but it also can be used as a neutral if you play with peachy nudes. Pink makes us all feel warm and happy inside. When I think of pink, I think of the glamorous 1950's Hollywood starlets in Beverly Hills. I think of Palm Beach high society and I also think of various flowers and Parisian desserts.



The foyer in Sasha Bikoff's West Village Duplex.



The dining room in Sasha Bikoff's West Village Duplex.



Sasha Bikoff's design portfolio.


Flaneur: What colors from the Fall Winter collection are most popular in New York right now?


Sasha: I love the Golden Yellow from the New England color palette. It has this saffron/ochre tone do it. It's deep and warm, but also rich. This can be used in a very global/worldly room. I'm imagining hints of American federal furniture mixed with Moroccan Moorish pieces and some 1970's chrome and smoked glass pieces.



  Corner in Sasha Bikoff's West Village Duplex.


Flaneur: Travel can be an enlightening experience. Where was your last trip and how did it influence your design aesthetic? What new colors were you introduced do?


Sasha: My last trip was to Charleston, South Carolina and boy was I inspired! I went to all the plantations and historical homes. The town is painted in all my favorite pastel colors like Creamsicle, Lavender, Mint Julep, Lemon Chiffon, and Peach. The colors of the inside of the homes are vibrant and change from room to room. The colonial, federal, and neoclassical architecture is so simple in the most beautiful and elegant way. There were also so many references to European styles and the French aesthetic but done with an American touch, which I really appreciated. Southern style is really interesting and I left feeling very inspired for my next project.



 Sasha Bikoff Sampling Flaneur's Crystal Rose.


Flaneur: What is your favorite book right now? Why?


Sasha: I am currently reading China Rich Girlfriend. It's so hilarious and gossipy. I know it’s not a serious read but sometimes I just want to be entertained.


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Sasha Bikoff's Bedroom. Flaneur Bedding in Crystal Rose.


Stay tuned for more with Sasha including her pretty in pink bedroom look on the blog. In the meantime, get inspired to shop our Rococo collection now.