You Need Estee Stanley's Tips on Getting The Perfect Modern Bedroom

The look of a modern bedroom is unmistakable: clean lines, simple bedding, perfect details. The high style modern rooms of Architectural Digest, Elle Decor and Record seem impossible to recreate, but with a little help from Estee Stanley of Hancock Design, we're here to clue you in with some tricks of the trade.



We tapped Estee Stanley to collaborate on a Flaneur collection because we loved her sense of California cool, her stunning track record (Ellen Pompeo, Joe Jonas, Rachael Zoe count as a few of her clients), and her skill with infusing color into any project. But forget brash, Estee's style is sleek and cool. Unpredictable in the best way, Estee's style skips the "don't. touch. anything." modern design and instead goes for the livable, contemporary beauty that everyone from Patrick Dempsey to Lea Michele is craving.


Here are Estee's top tips for securing a chic modern look for your spring refresh.


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Start with one accent sheet color. Think of it as your “gateway” to color. “Just get a flat sheet!” says Stanley. “It’s a good way to start without spending a lot of money on bedding. Your base can be your whites and getting different flat sheets and pillow cases and experiment to see what you like.” 


We loved how Estee mixed our Almost Mauve and Cypress Green in our collaboration. These two colors are powerful together because of Almost Mauve's universal applicability: the work of the pinkish-white will help incorporate the bed into the room, and keeps your toe in the waters of all-white modern. Almost Mauve softens it all. 



Mixing neutrals is just as exciting as adding a pop of color. “Dusty palettes are very elegant,” says Romanek. If your room has colored walls, Romanek suggests a mix of grays or khakis. “A little blush pink would be great in a dusty blue room.”


Whether your walls are white or dark, neutrals are powerful modern choices. As modern as poppy red or neon yellow sound, you don't have to go to 1985 for modern. A simple Cypress Green paired with Almost Mauve and a oak or walnut wood furniture can play into your midcentury dreams. Bones, taupes, tans, and vanillas are powerful together and give a luxury air to any room. Paired with brass, copper, chrome or gold hardware and it's a avant-garde modern space. 



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Don’t fear bold hues, but pair them with a complementary neutral. That said, red can be a primary choice for a pop of color, especially as a flat sheet or cover.  “Try a deep, deep red and everything else in more muted colors, like a khaki,” says Stanley.  “Rather than a huge, bright red comforter, think about doing just a flat sheet and some pillows so that the color is more like an accent than the main part of the bed".


The options are generally endless when it comes to getting bold in a mature way- the accent wall may overwhelm sensitive spaces that have great furniture. Let the bedding do the (quieter) talking. Here, you can see the base Painters Black and Grey with a cool blue, made punchy with the powerful Yellow.