Enlarge Your Bedroom With Pink Champagne

Enlarge Your Bedroom With Pink Champagne

Entering the harshest months of winter, when all you want to do is hibernate in bed, it's important you have custom color bedding that makes you feel warm and comforted. It's easy to go for rich browns and earthy, darker colors to lock you away. But what do you do when you want that cozy sensation while at the same time finding a color that opens up your room in a bold and defined way? Go for Pink Champagne.


Pink Champagne Bedding


Pink Champagne sateen sheets gives off an effervescent, natural vibe. The color has a subtle warm glow but also has cooler notes, allowing the bedroom to feel warm and welcoming yet bright and open.


Pewter Mirror


To continue to open the space, go for a large mirror in pewter or in rustic white reclaimed wood and lean it against a wall in your bedroom. This will create the allusion of a bigger room, reflecting the light bouncing off work your Pink Champagne sheets and giving the space a fresher feel. This clean and airy atmosphere will make staying in bed more enjoyable.


 Pink Champagne Artwork


Keep up the cozy and relaxed atmosphere with abstract or modern artwork. Go for a large piece that has darker pink tones with a soft background or light pink tones with a bold, dark background. This will heighten the sophistication of your bedroom and allow your Pink Champagne duvet cover to serve as the statement piece rather than distract. It also adds elegance to the room but doesn't make it feel as if you're cluttering it with unnecessary decor.


Pink Champagne and luxury wallpaper


Your room will be look even more gorgeous with luxury wallpaper in a neutral, light color that has a subtle hint of color. This print from Mural's Wallpaper gives the bedroom dimension and depth with it's clever use of texture and delicate colors. Sleep under a duvet that elevates this glamorous look.



Shop Pink Champagne to toast to the New Year and keep a bright and cozy bedroom for the winter!