Color Your Bedroom With Pantone's 2018 Color Of The Year, Ultra Violet

Color Your Bedroom With Pantone's 2018 Color Of The Year, Ultra Violet

It's vibrant. It's harmonious. It's Ultra Violet. Pantone's 2018 Color of The Year is anything but subtle. To incorporate this look into your bedroom seamlessly, we've pulled together some tips to help you make a statement in an elegant way. Everything from duvet and sheet choice to room location and the amount of windows, we have you covered.


Ultra Violet accent wall


Using ultra violet as an anchor wall in an all white bedroom is a great choice. It provides a focus to the space and doesn't make your furniture feel as if it is floating. If your room gets a lot of natural light or faces a body of water, opt for darker, moody colors for the bed linen. This will help add a bit of warmth to the space.


Black linen bedding


Painter's Black and Paloma would be a great dark yet neutral palette to pair with ultra violet in this type of space. A crisp gray duvet with black bed sheets works well as it absorbs the natural light and adds a layer of warmth to the room. It also makes the vibe a touch more masculine. What's better is that light wooden furniture or white decor for waterfront properties looks great with these colors. It's bold but not overwhelming. 


Paloma Gray Painter's Black


Ultra Violet Chair


Are you inspired to accent your bedroom with ultra violet decor? If you're looking to recreate the richness and sophistication of a Victorian room with sourced antique pieces, a Golden Yellow duvet with Myrtle sheets might be ideal for you.


Golden Yellow Sheets


Golden Yellow adds a high level of drama to a room whilst giving off an elegant feel. As a duvet cover, it looks great in a space with dark or light walls. It's warm, inviting and also seasonal. The Myrtle green acts as a nice contrast, offering a pop of color beneath the duvet. A great look for couples weekending in the mountains, this palette is more than conducive to vintage ultra violet furniture. 


Golden Yellow Myrtle


Ultra Violet Feminine Space


Going for a feminine vibe in a room with big windows? You don't have to stick to tradition and decorate with pastel pinks and light purples. Use a color like Koi for your bedding to add an unexpected and carefree look. To get the ultra violet color, picture frames, antique vases, standing lamps and more can be a great way to utilize Pantone's color of the year with a feminine touch.


With Koi bedding, the rich red tones will pull this entire look together in a relaxed way. Reflecting the warmth from the light pouring in through the big open windows, it's a dreamy purple look.




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