Amanda Nisbet interview with Flaneur bedding, change the sheets.

Color Pop

Designer Amanda Nisbet is known for her bold use of color and ability to create rooms that are elegant, livable, bright and happy. Her first book Dazzling Design chronicles her colorful aesthetic which can also be seen in her fabric, furniture, lighting and rug lines. This year the New York designer expanded to Charleston. We caught up with Amanda to talk color. 



What colors are top of mind for you right now? 

Everything seems to be pink right now. It is my favorite color – I’m going with zeitgeist.  



What are your favorite bedroom color combinations? 

One’s bedroom should be happy and soothing. Do not be afraid of color. One of my favorite bedrooms that I’ve created is filled with bright yellows, greens, and purples.  



Amanda Nisbet interview with flaneur bedding, change the sheets.



We love seeing the bright colors in your work! What are your rules of thumb for making bold colors work? 

Go with your gut. Do not be afraid to play with colors in unexpected ways. If you are naturally drawn to a particular color combination, there is a reason why!  



Are there any colors you’d stay away from in the bedroom and why? 

Not particularly, maybe black? Although, I think in the right situation it could be rather chic in a guest room.  



What inspired your own bedroom décor? 

For my own bedroom, I chose colors that I am drawn to again and again: pinks and greens. Everything is centered around pale pink and chartreuse. I used art filled with bright pinks, yellows, and greens for accents 



Amanda Nisbet interview with flaneur bedding, change the sheets.



What’s on your bedside table? 

First of all, I can tell you what is NOT on my bedside table. My phone. I believe its best to sleep with your phone across the room. Beds are for sleeping and resting. I do keep pictures of my kids, a good book, and a fabulous light (to encourage me to read said book) on my nightstand. I believe its best not to overcrowd this area.  



What are four things essential for a restful and gorgeous bedroom? 

1. Fabulous sheets – a little nightly luxury.  

2. Beautiful shades/drapes lined with a blackout liner.  

3. Layers of lighting and dimmers.  

4. A good book and cozy throw.   



All the photos are courtesy of Amanda Nisbet.