claudia lee with flaneur

Claudia Lee x Flaneur

Flaneur: What colors are top of mind?


Claudia: Currently, the colors that I'm thinking of are ice blue, like my fabulous sheets; and rose quartz. I don't know why, but I love these two pastel hues because of their energy. When I think of them, they make me feel warm and fuzzy. They make me feel safe!

Flaneur: Do you consider yourself to be a flaneur?

Claudia: I do consider myself to be a Flaneur because I feel unique and custom in my own way. I believe that's the beauty of life and especially Flaneur, we're all different and grow and change with time.


Flaneur: What helps you sleep at night?

Claudia: What helps me sleep at night, are blackout curtains and cuddles!




Claudia's choice of colors: Ash, Gargoyle, Glacier Gray.