Bright Colors That Pair Nicely with Capri Breeze

Bright Colors That Pair Nicely with Capri Breeze

Off-whites and Snow White together can be such powerful and livable color choices when it comes to incorporating brightness into a room with Capri Breeze. Consider mixing Capri Breeze's brilliant airiness with a time classic like Snow White to truly capture the lightness you want.


 There is no question that white is a bedroom favorite, but allow the sunlight to throw a tinge of blue by including Capri Breeze. Off-white rugs can also give a wonderful vintage feeling. 


For example, this Vintage Anatolian Wool Rug would counter the Capri Breeze effortlessly. ($6,400, ABC Carpet and Home)


Ambrosia is a simple solution to incorporating the illuminating quality of green with the pleasant character of Capri Breeze. It works with white, it works with off-whites.



When the light hits Ambrosia, it is pure magic. 


Bold, bright, and inviting, High Risk Red can accent spaces so effortlessly when done in a tasteful manner, such as being paired with a Capri Breeze Duvet Cover. In the previous image of the room as well as this chair, notice the subtle quality of the red- you do not need much of it to empower the blue and lighten a room.