Bright Colors In A Modern Beachfront Home For Her

Bright Colors In A Modern Beachfront Home For Her

When you live facing the ocean, a lake or even a harbor, astounding views are a given. The blue waters dazzle and shimmer, serving as a breathtaking compliment to a cotton candy sky. The colors are magical. But how do you design your bedroom to befit a view of so much bright color for the winter? You embrace it!


Porcelain Stone Tiles


For A Beachfront Home

Taking multiple trips to the beach is a given when living in this type of property but finding sand in your bed isn't. For flooring, it's best to opt for porcelain, marble or stone tiling. It gives a nice upscale finish to your bedroom but is low maintenance. This means faster cleaning time and it handles the water and sand from outdoors much easier than carpet or wood.


Serene paint in a room


When it come to your walls, you can try your hand at wallpaper or go for paint. We'd recommend using Farrow and Ball's Middleton Pink for a soft but bright touch to the ceiling and C2 Paint's Serene with a matte trim for the wall. The bedroom can use these colors in a bold way but it isn't distracting or too unexpected. It works well with any wood, copper and brass based decor.


Bedding is simple. To mesh with the colors and texture of both the flooring and the walls, we recommend using Impatient Pink as your sheet. This color lets in light and reflects the vibe of living on the beach.


Impatient Pink Flowers


A stunning color for any woman who loves watching the sunset in their beach home, Impatient Pink embodies the delicate and calming nature of living on the beach. The color is bright enough to speak volumes about her personality while subtle enough to let other classic pieces in her bedrooms have a voice. In Impatient Pink sheets, your gray vanity with copper embellishments works amazingly well.


Gray vanity with copper embellishments


For the duvet, Vista Blue is a great option. It offers a bit of playful sophistication to the space and brings in the crystal blue waters indoors. 


Blue ocean


Any woman with a beachfront or waterfront home will adore these colors as it adds character to their bedroom without overwhelming it.


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