Muriel Brandolini

Inside The Dye Color Tyrian Purple

Have you seen tyrian purple? Similar to our ravish color, it celebrates the idea of being regal and imaginative. It makes curling up in a duvet of the same color an absolute dream, something exquisite and unique. But do you know much about its origins?


Tyrian Dye


The dye dates as far back as 1570 BC and was held in high regard. Rich in color, tyrian purple was highly sought after as the color did not easily fade. In fact, it only grew richer in hue when exposed to the sun.  


Charlemagne Fabric


Because of it's excellent resilience, it was very expensive and became a status symbol of nobility and wealth. It could be found in ceremonial robes and was considered extremely dynamic. Why? The color would remain bright but could shift from blue to reddish purple, providing for an elevated color experience.


Tyrian Umbrella


Produced in Morocco (a destination from our Fall Winter 2017 collection), tyrian purple is a color that designers often use to create a spellbinding and grandiose look. Interior designer Muriel Brandolini has styled rooms with this hue to create a sense of poise and serenity. She likes to set people free and allow them to lead with their imaginations when it comes to color (even bedding). 


Tyrian Purple Room


A color so elegant, why wouldn't you want a bed as lavish and luxurious as this shade?




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