An Unexpected Gender Neutral Approach To Color In A Kid's Bedroom

An Unexpected Gender Neutral Approach To Color In A Kid's Bedroom

With the holidays around the corner, you'll likely be opening your home to guests and more. This means lots of cleaning, decorating and a style overhaul. Your room and guest bedroom is easy to refresh but what about the kid's bedroom? How do you update it for the holidays in a way that isn't standard (red and green) but also works for any gender or type of child? 


Red Thread 


We think red and blue are classic colors that will do the job. You can make elements of a bedroom more masculine or feminine based on decor and accents but overall, you'll surprise and impress the parents staying over for the holidays with your color choice.


 Red child's bedroom


Red And Blue Boy's Bedroom

Transport your little boy to Toyland with a room with vivid and playful colors. Use a color like Skydiver for the sheets and Grenadine for the duvet to make the room more masculine.


Kids print for little boys 


Decor such as prints on a white backdrop can add a bit of neutrality and allows the colorful bedding to make a statement.


Dark wood toy chest


Dark furniture also gives the bedroom a harder edge. Pieces like gray bean bag chairs or dark wooden toy boxes add charm and exuberance into a room. A cherry wood toy chest against a Grenadine duvet look superb. Dress it up with cute elves for a holiday theme.


Blue Fabric and Texture


Red And Blue Girl's Bedroom

Your little girl can also indulge in the thought provoking primary colors of blue and red. Use Grenadine for the sheets and Skydiver for the duvet to achieve a softer vibe. 


Blue Girl's Bedroom


For the accents within the space, sticking to whites, light browns and silver/gold decor will help elevate the room and give off a feminine vibe.


The Land of Nod Walnut and White Book Case


This book case from The Land of Nod would look great in the bedroom. It adds a softer touch and can be made a bit more seasonal with fun twinkle lights strung along it.


Kindred hammock for kids


A neutral colored hammock with pink undertones also looks great. Adding a tender feel, the pink tones play nicely with the red in the Grenadine sheets.  


Holiday Gift Guide For Kids


For a stimulating, elegant and unexpected look, red and blue would make a great color combination to refresh a kid's bedding. Shop Grenadine and Skydiver in our new holiday gifts for kids bundle now!