A Sit Down With Seattle Based Interior Designer Brian Paquette

A Sit Down With Seattle Based Interior Designer Brian Paquette

Brian Paquette is an incredible Seattle based designer who creates beautiful spaces for homes, commercial spaces and restaurants throughout the Pacific Northwest and all along the West Coast. Founding his full-service interior design firm, Brian Paquette Interiors, in 2009, Brian has used his excellent eye for detail and mastery of the primary color palette to make spaces that are one-of-a-kind. You may have seen his work in publications including Architectural DigestDwell, and Luxe Magazine but get a flâneur's eye view of his work with our sit-down with him below!



Brian Paquette Interiors


Flaneur: Describe your design aesthetic.


Brian: My style is comprised of three components: layered, referential and storied. In addition to that, anything I do has to be comfortable. It's key in all of my work. 


Flaneur: What colors do you enjoy working with most? Why? 


Brian: I truly enjoy working with anything from nature. Blues, greens, all natural tones... I love taking a primary color and adding some "dirt" to it.


Flaneur: What colors from the Fall Winter collection our most popular in Seattle right now?


Brian: I'd have to say Myrtle, Gold Rush and Sudan Brown. They really are the colors that resonate here and reflect the tastes of the region.


Gold Rush

Sudan Brown


Flaneur: What Flaneur color have you picked for your bedding? Why?


Brian: I chose Cypress. There is a ton of greenery outside of my master bedroom and I wanted to bring that indoors. 


 Brian Paquette Interiors


Flaneur: What makes you a flâneur?

Brian: I'm a flâneur because my head is constantly in the clouds, day dreaming. I'm always interpreting what I may see in a gallery into a home, interpreting a song into a color scheme and so on. There's so much inspiration around me that I want to express visually.


Brian Paquette Interiors


Flaneur: Travel can be an enlightening experience. Where was your last trip and how did it influence your design aesthetic? What new colors were you introduced do?


Brian: Hawaii was the last place I traveled to. I rented a truck, drove out to the north shore and just swam and surfed and looked at the sky. Slowing down and being at piece there has slowed down my process. Not all inspiration comes from a gallery or architecture and I've started to really take hold of this idea and remind myself when I'm looking to create.

Flaneur: What is your favorite piece of art (photo, painting, sculpture)? Why?


Brian: This is a hard one but I think I'll choose this piece by Gerhard Richter. I could interpret it for years and be happy with it forever. 


Gerhard Richter


Brian has recently opened Brian Paquette at Home, a shopping destination that is an artfully curated extension of his design work in Seattle. Check it out and also stay tuned for more from Brian and Flaneur where we'll reveal his new bedroom look and a few other creative bits from him!