A Flâneur In Marrakech

When I boarded the plane to Marrakech, I had no idea what I would stumble into. I envisioned colorful doorways, beautiful textiles and handcrafted goods so stunning, my suitcase would be stuffed to the brim upon my return. What I actually experienced, however, was a sensory overload.


Marrakech Pink


Grabbing our luggage, my boyfriend and I threw on our best pair of sunglasses and made our way to the bus. We were excited to arrive at the ancient medina and to visit other sites during our six day holiday. Marveling at the buildings draped in Toast and Toasted Almond, we were delighted by the show of color. Watching the sun rays dance across the city, we basked in the sounds and colors as each one grew more vivid. 


We soon arrived at Jemaa el Fna and walked around the square as if in a trance. There were berbers shouting for our attention, the smell of spices wafting in the air and small Sudan Brown pathways leading you to unknown markets and areas within the medina. After a bit of wandering, we found our riad just off the rue Zitoun.


A lovely building the shade of soft grayish-brown greeted us. Stepping inside, our Moroccan hostess chatted with us and escorted us to our room. Pink walls, blue and violet bedding, brass decor; our room was a feast for the eyes. There was so much to see that I wish I could transport you into my mind, but one colorful experience that was beyond was the Jardin Majorelle.


Jardin Majorelle


On rue Yves Saint Laurent, we entered into the Jardin and were blown away by the sheer use of color. A garden covered in green cacti had been made even more enchanting by shades of Dazzling Blue. The walls were covered in this rich hue that had a luminous feel offset by the contrast of bright yellow pottery; it was a magical look. 


Jardin Majorelle


When I think back on my holiday, I wish I could return to really dig in and discover the many other colors of the city. Until my next trip, I'll dream of Marrakech in custom color bedding from our Fall/Winter collection.