6 Colors That Go With Your Golden Yellow Duvet

6 Colors That Go With Your Golden Yellow Duvet

Thinking of going bold with a custom Golden Yellow duvet? It's a fabulous look - adding to the richness and grandeur of the space but how do you go about finding the right color sheets to match? To make the process of shopping for custom bedding a bit easier, we've pulled together six colors that are a great way to add personality and style to your room.


Green Bedding




Known as a soothing color, Myrtle is a green that has a hint of brightness but is dark enough to absorb some of the light bouncing off of your luxe duvet. It looks great in rooms that need an uplifting element or has a lot of dark wood furniture. 



Red and Yellow Room


High Risk Red


It's a vibrant color that intensifies the energy in your room. High Risk Red is a great sheet color to use in small countryside homes as it draws a laser focus to the bed. You're letting this piece serve as the center point and call the shots as to how the other aspects of your room come together. 



Burgundy and Yellow Room




A highly sophisticated color, Burgundy sets off a warming tone against your duvet. If your bedroom has exposed brick or the walls have a softer, neutral color, the Burgundy plays off nicely against it. Just enough of a statement without losing any elegance.



Blue and Yellow Room


Dazzling Blue


This color is bold, nearly bolder than your duvet. The bright blue tones in your sheets work nicely in your room that faces the water. The two colors delicately balance a beautiful summer's day on the beach, making sleeping in bed like taking a holiday. Dazzling Blue is a lovely unexpected color to pair with Golden Yellow.


Black and Yellow Room


Painter's Black


Painter's Black is strong and uncomplicated in all types of lighting environments. This colors provides a stark contrast to your duvet, making things a bit moodier and dramatic. Keep your decor and other items in the room dark for that harder edge.


Purple and Yellow Door




The epitome of sophistication, Ravish is a delightful color that notes royalty when paired with Golden Yellow.



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