5 Items That Work Perfectly With Golden Yellow Bedding

Golden Yellow is a beautiful custom color for bedding. A color that works best with modern design aesthetics that emulate ancient Egyptian, Baroque and Middle Eastern styles, it instantly adds an air of sophistication to your room. To ensure you get the best effect from a color as striking and enchanting as this, we've curated a list of 5 home decor items that work perfectly with Golden Yellow bedding.


Saatchi Artwork



To be specific, artwork with rich colors like blue, green and red. This painting from Saatchi pictured above is a lovely item to pair with your Golden Yellow Bedding. The soft golden yellow call backs with the piece won't over power your room, it'll add to it. A regal color, Golden Yellow meshes nicely with blues and greens as they are charged with energy and whimsy that making going to your room more enjoyable.


Black Leather Sofa


Black Leather Furniture

You've already indulge in rich, pigmented bedding so add to your custom look with black leather furniture. A solid and sultry neutral, the color looks amazing in a room with Golden Yellow sheets or a duvet. The black absorbs some of the light reflecting from the bright hue of your sheets and makes your bedroom just a tad more moody. The texture is also perfect for this shade, everything seems more elegant.


Gold Light Fixtures


Gold Light Fixtures

It's simple but it works. Gold light fixtures look nice alongside bedding that has golden properties. A soft color, it keeps the sophistication in the space and gives off a nice glow.


Gray Wall Paint


Gray Wall Paint

It's no surprise that a nice gray will blend nicely with your Golden Yellow duvet but we recommend that your find a gray that falls in-between really dark or really light. A color similar to our High Rise or Paloma sheets would do nicely as it both absorbs and bounces light. It's great for rooms that also have minimal windows.


Neutral Turkish Rug


Neutral Rugs

You can experiment with a bit of color like pops of blue and yellow (depending on the other items in the space) but you want a rug that doesn't compete with your bedding. The duvet serves as the statement so you need to ensure every other item in your bedroom compliments it. This tan turkish rug pictured above would be an excellent addition to your room.


Shop Golden Yellow in our gift guide for duvet cover lovers and tell us how you do Golden Yellow in your home!