3 Festive Green Guest Room Looks For The Holidays

3 Festive Green Guest Room Looks For The Holidays

With the holidays fast approaching, it's important to get your bedroom in good shape to host guests and to make them feel at ease. Green custom color bedding with an elegant feel is one way to make them feel welcomed. It's seasonal, it's refreshing, and it works well with any personality. To get your guest rooms holiday ready, here are a few looks to achieve a beautiful green retreat.


White Bedroom With Green Bedding


For a bedroom with a lot of natural light and bright, white walls, use Rifle Green sheets to warm up the space. The abundance of light reflecting off the walls will make that space feel very cold. As your bed is often the focal point of the bedroom, your sheets can act as an immediate draw, absorbing all of the bright light and making the room feel more inviting. Rifle Green acts as a medium to dampen the glare. A festive color in it's own right, it effortlessly mixes in gold, red and silver decor. It's a nice, simple and clean holiday look.


Myrtle Green Holiday Room


A room with dark floors or dark furniture can do well with a brighter green like Myrtle. Known as a healing color and signifying ambition, a Myrtle duvet or sateen sheets will make sleeping in your home feel like staying at a family cabin. The green recharges the space with a lighter feel, leaving guests feeling comfortable and relaxed. To make the bedroom more timely for the season, throw in christmas ferns and rich brown colors. For added holiday magic, added an additional form of lighting to make the room more open. Candlelight or twinkle lights would work great.


Teal Rug 


Spending the holidays at your home near the ocean and entertaining guests? Play off the natural greens you find in your environment and create a seasonal look with a tropical feel. Capri Breeze is a blue shade but it does have hues of green in it's coloring. To dress up your guest bedroom with a festive holiday look, try this color sateen sheet as the main splash of "green" in the room. You can then add in various shades of blue and silver decor without the worry of losing your island feel..


To try one of these fun holiday green bedding looks, shop our holiday gift guide for bundle ideas and great shades perfect for the winter months!


Let us know what green color most resonates with your guest room style.